The Benefits of Foundation and Preparatory Courses

If you are not ready to go to a university to meet the entry requirements of your course, then a foundation or preparatory study might be for you. According to Owen Markham, who specializes in this field, the preparatory study differs from training courses. It allows students to concentrate on a specific specialist area (often a requirement ) and last a couple of weeks to yearlong foundation courses designed to prepare students for entry to a particular degree. If you think a preparatory study is an alternative that you would like to take, read on as we capture some of the benefits of completing one of these pathways.


Improves Your Academic Skills

Foundation preparatory courses are important steps to develop the skills you will need to succeed in tertiary education. This ranges from basic study skills (such as academic writing, time management, and independent study) to understanding in specific areas related to a chosen field. If you have a missing need or feel you could benefit from a refresher, a training course can provide you with the knowledge you need for your program. For instance, you could complete a math bridging course before entering an engineering degree.

Guides You to Choose a Course of Your Interest

Many core courses are streamed by the field of study. Therefore, by taking preparatory courses, students can start in their area of interest, whether it’s art, education, engineering, science, or psychology. For example, a beginner’s section may be appropriate for students who have never researched in the field, while an innovative section may be geared toward those who have already done some study but want to improve their skills before moving on to higher-level study.

Gives an Alternate Route Into Your Course

teachingIf your intended area of study is quite aggressive or requires high grades, you may be concerned about meeting entrance requirements. It may also be that a required course is not available at your university.

Core programs and training courses are the perfect solutions, as they not only allow you to gain the academic skills you need to advance in your career but are also an excellent alternative pathway. Students who complete a core course are often better positioned to enter higher education and often do so for credit.…

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