Bar Exam Preparation

Preparing a career in a law field is a long up and down journey for the senior law students this year. With the pandemic situation, they have to adjust for the online bar exam while stressing out with the bar review. Understandably, everyone wants to be able to crush every day in a constant focus and productive way to achieve the best outcome, but do not forget the simple truth that you are human. The energy level can be unstable, which might harm your bar exam if you do not manage yourself well. 

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Check out the analysis of four stages to prepare your bar exam and how to deal with it below. As each phase can last between two and three months, depending on the person, you need to accompany your exam preparation journey by following some test prep tips and consume some supplements to keep you intact. Now, let’s start running the race to bar exam as if you are a runner athlete joining a four-hundred-meter race.

Kickoff Phase

book shelfAs you are about to start the race, you have fresh and enthusiastic energy. The same goes for the vast majority of law students who have completed their school and have a strong mindset towards the qualifying exam preparation. It is a good thing because it can help to pump out many essential materials you need for the bar exam. You can work on six MBE-covered topics in the Barbri, doing multiple choice questions and essays for the first two and a half weeks. It helps you review the entire MBE section with a high spirit and fresh brain. Although you might face the same topics multiple times, this phase can ensure you a solid foundation for the half exam subject material. Consider spending many hours practicing with MBE sections to prepare you in the later stage of the following weeks.

Grind Phase

calm and coolReaching two hundred meters in your race, now you start galloping while trying to push forward. During this two to three weeks, your muscle vapor level has dropped a bit. It grinds into pieces as a result of your test performance is not nearly your expectation and makes you wonder about your ability to pass the exam. It is reasonable and natural in this phase to step back a little bit. Try to focus on areas that might need improvement and take some day off to do anything you like. These two points are crucial if you want to continue to do proper work in schedule, but also ensure to save the energy until the last stages. Do not get burned from others who managed to do more in this phase. Grind yourself and respect your energy by spending time away from the study. Remember that your goal is to pass the exam while not killing yourself along the way.

Calm and Cool Phase

A runner athlete would pick up their speed back as the curve is close to the finish, so do you in this phase. Even if it is not as fresh as the beginning, you still can keep moving without outdoing yourself. You can evaluate the material you have studied before during this final two and a half weeks. Use a considerable studying speed and maintain consistency to improve your ability to write the topic essays and take the MBE tests. Get your mind to focus on the exam and continue answering questions within the time limits. This phase is your only chance to practice, so use it well to understood most things.

The End Phase

It is the last 20 meters of your race, and you want to give all your best in this phase. However, getting to this point also means leveling off your energy and staying stoic. This phase begins a few days before the bar exam, which is essential to maintain a positive mentality. After all the hard works for two months, be aware of how you feel and study during this time. This week is crucial to managing your energy, so stop studying if you do not want to. As the exam may take three days, preserving energy

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